About Me


Alison Satterlee was born in Bluefield, West Virginia. Set along the picturesque backdrop of the East River Mountain Range, the small town provided an abundance of idyllic scenery. It was there, growing up, that Alison first felt the stirrings of passion to capture and create the raw emotion elicited in the complex beauty surrounding her. Thus began a decades long exploration into The Arts. Upon completing her major in Theatre Arts at Ferrum College, she moved to New York City where she quickly immersed herself in the world of Film and Television. Shortly thereafter, she transitioned into a new role as a National Resident Makeup Artist for Chanel. While she enjoyed her time working with models and A-list celebrities on the New York Fashion Circuit, Alison eventually felt it was time for her to shift gears, both professionally and personally. She now lives in Charlotte, NC with her husband and daughter, lending her intrinsic artistic flair to the concept of Art with a Purpose. She specializes in Modern Resin Geode, Abstract, Alcohol Ink, Reiki Interpretation and Reiki Infused Art.